02 December 2010

Fairy Tale Animax

Wendy Marvell is a young female Dragon Slayer mage, formerly belonging to the Cait Shelter Guild. After the events surrounding Nirvana unfold, she officially joins the Fairy Tail Guild. She learned her Dragon Slayer abilities from Grandine.
Wendy was raised by the dragon Grandine for some time. However, one day Grandine suddenly disappeared and left Wendy alone at around the age of five. Same time later she ran into Mystogan, who called himself Jellal. Mystogan allowed her to travel with him for a month, although they were both hopelessly lost anyway. One day, she heard Mystogan utter something known as "Anima" and deemed it too dangerous for Wendy to travel with him further. He left her in the care of a close guild, Cait Shelter, where she has been ever since.

Wendy is a cute little girl with long, dark blue hair and brown eyes. Like all the Dragon Slayers, her canine teeth are a bit longer than other people. She generally wears loose fitting dresses and sandals with wing designs possibly to denote that she is the sky dragon slayer.

Wendy has a very shy and polite personality. She is always seen with her cat Charle, they have a very good relationship much like Happy and Natsu Dragneel. She is very eager to try and make friends. Wendy also cares greatly for the guild members, and even suggested going to where the Exceed were to try and get them to evacuate.
Wendy has a habit of saying that she will try to be of any help whenever she can.

Tower of Heaven arc
She is first mentioned in a conversation between the dragons Igneel and Grandine in which the latter says a more "friendly relationship" could be established the next time she and Natsu Dragneel meet.

Oración Seis arc
Wendy is Cait Shelter's delegate sent to the alliance meeting of the Fairy Tail, Lamia Scale Guild, and Blue Pegasus Guild along with the cat mage Charle; much to the shock of all there due to the fact that she is only a child. She tells the delegates there that although she has no particular combat prowess she is able in support magic. Soon the alliance sets off to find Oración Seis after being briefed about them and quickly find their target (or moreover they find them after the Blue Pegasus' airship is destroyed). Wendy quickly hides herself behind a rock and stays there for the duration of the battle as she watches the others get trounced by the Oración Seis. Just as the Oracion Seis's leader Brain is about to finish them off he spots Wendy and halts his attack, suddenly shaken at the sight of her. Wendy and Happy (who was grabbed by mistake) are then kidnapped by Brain seconds later. Charle states that Wendy is the Dragon Slayer of the Sky and she can heal Erza Scarlet who had been poisoned by Cobra. Later, Brain reveals her unique ability of healing to the others and has Racer bring a large coffin to her. Brain plans to use her healing magic to heal whatever was inside of that coffin but Wendy refused to help anyone that is "bad". The person in the coffinturned out to be no other than Jellal Fernandes, who knows the location of Nirvana but is in his unconscious state. Believing Jellal to be Mystogan and hearing his crimes, she has internal conflicts of her and other people's perspective on Jellal as being good or evil, she receives five minutes to decide. Natsu arrives at the scene with Charle only a moment too late as Jellal is revived. Wendy collapses not too soon by exhaustion from healing him.Using Jellal's escape, Natsu takes the unconscious Wendy along with Charle to heal Erza. They are intercepted by Racer, who is held off by Gray Fullbuster.
Eventually Natsu rendezvous with Lucy Heartfilia and Hibiki Laytis. Natsu wakes Wendy up then begs her to save Erza. She gladly agrees and does so though still a little remorseful in reviving Jellal. She, along with everyone else, suddenly notice a pillar of light erupt from the ground and instantly realize Nirvana has been activated. After Nirvana was activated she is knocked out by Hibiki in order to prevent her from becoming evil (she blamed herself for resurrecting Jellal Fernandes) due to Nirvana's influence.
Hibiki carries her as Lucy, Charle, Happy and he follows Natsu and Erza who are heading for Nirvana. However their stopped by Angel who attacks them, Hibiki is wounded and Lucy orders Charle to take Wendy away for fear of her getting recaptured. It is later shown that Wendy and Charle hide themselves for the time being, while Lucy faces of agaisnt Angel. Wendy having regain consciousness though still feeling remorse for not being more useful. As Charle and she talk, Wendy reveals her acquaintance with Jellal and the rumors she heard about his Siegrain half. She however still believes Jellal is the kind young man she once knew (it was actually Mystogan). When Nirvana's second stage is activated, she and Charle are caught in when its legs appear from out of the ground. Charle carries away, and Wendy says they should head for Nirvana. As they land to take a rest, Wendy realizes that Nirvana might be heading toward Cait Shelter. With this, she goes to find Natsu and she cures him of poison and she uses a spell to temporarily cure his motion sickness.
Wendy still believes that its her fault that Nirvana got activated and thinks that Jellal might know something on how to stop it. So she tells the others that she has some clue and ran off. Both Wendy and Charle are looking for Jellal while reassuring herself of Nirvana's destination to Cait Shelter, but Charle is too exhausted to fly, so they continue on foot. Wendy and Charle are then seen rushing towards Erza and Jellal looking relieved while Zero is introduced as Brain's second persona, and easily defeats Natsu, Gray and Lucy. Zero activates the Nirvana and when it seems like all was lost for Cait Shelter, the rest of the allied mages manage to temporarily stop Cait Shelter from being destroyed. With that, Hibiki reveals a way to destroy the Nirvana that would require 6 mages that could perform destructive magic. They would need to destroy the Lacrima Crystals located in each leg of the Nirvana, and ultimately putting an end to everything. Natsu, Gray and Lucy rises up once again in order to save Cait Shelter. Along with Erza, Jellal, and Ichiya Wanderlei Kotobuki they total the 6 mages that would be needed.
Determined to destroy the lacrima crystals in each leg, Jellal asks Wendy if she could heal Natsu at any point in time during Natsu's fight with Zero. Wendy cannot use her power so excessively so Jellal secretly goes to where Natsu and Zero are fighting to give Natsu the Flame of Rebuke.Because of this, Wendy goes in Jellal's place.All 6 mages manage to destroy the crystals and finally become victorious in stopping the Nirvana from destroying Cait Shelter and the rest of the world. As she finds both Natsu and Jellal safe (thanks to Hoteye), she rushes over to hug Natsu and thanks him for keeping his promise to protect her guild from Nirvana. Unfortunately the celebration doesn't last long as the new Magic Council shows up taking both Hoteye and Jellal away, while Natsu and Wendy can only protest at Rahal's cruelty.
Later after the group rest and recover, Wendy and the other girls start to dress up in Nirvit clothing and bonding. Roubaul then personally thanks the Light Team for stopping Nirvana to which Natsu and the Trimens try to celebrate with a party. However Cait Shelter doesn't join in and Roubaul reveals a shocking truth: Cait Shelter is not real. Horrified, Wendy tries to stop Roubaul's spirit from disappearing, but to no avail as her "Cait Shelter" mark disappears. Erza however comforts her and tells her to come with her to Fairy Tail.
On the boat ride to Fairy Tail, she uses Troia again on Natsu so he can enjoy the breeze. But she told him the effects wear off quickly and that repeated continued usage would weaken the effect. Upon arriving at Fairy Tail, she quickly becomes popular since she is cute and a dragon slayer. The guild quickly welcome her and throw her a welcome party for her and Charle.