28 April 2012

Erza Scarlet Character

Erza is a powerful S-Class mage and one of the main characters in Fairy Tail. She's part of Team Natsu and uses Requip magic to change into different suits of armor, each with it's own unique properties.


As a child Erza was enslaved and forced to build The Tower of Heaven. She lost her eye sight in her right eye after being injured while building the tower. During that time she became friends with a man Jellal who taught her of magic. One day she, Jellal and the other slaves tried to escape from their captors but were overpowered by their magic. It is then Erza magic abilities awaken and is able to kill all of her enemies. After this she lost Gerard in the scuffle and went looking for him. When she found him he was not the same. He became influenced by the dark mage Zeref and became evil. After knocking Erza unconscious he sent her flying across the ocean, and forced the free slaves to continuing building the Tower of Paradise again.
After gaining regaining conscious she went looking for the Fairy Tail Guild in hopes of asking them for help. When she arrived at the guild she was welcome in with open arms. She then started to wear armor as it made her feel safe. Later on the guild master Makarov took her to Porlyusica to get a artificial eye due to her right eye going blind. As the years went by Erza became an S-Class mage of Fairy Tail, making her one of the four S-Class member of the guild. She become an older sister figure to Natsu and Gray, being the only person able to force the two to get along. Natsu constantly wants to challenge her to a fight to test his strength but so far has not won a battle against her.Fairy Tail Stamp: She has a blue stamp located on her left shoulder.

Erza owns over 100 different types of armor, and well over 200 different weapons. Below are a list of those known.

Heart Kreuz Armor
Heart Kreuz Armor (ハートクロス 鎧, Hāto Kurosu no Yoroi): Made by the popular fashion brand Heart Kreuz specifically for her, this is Erza's casual armor, which she is mostly seen wearing. This armor sports a breastplate now composed of a single piece of metal, decorated by curved lines and by a deformed version of Heart Kreuz's mark, with the cross' right arm extending to the right part of Erza's chest, and the added mark of Fairy Tail located under the cross itself, which is now lacking the brand's name.

Lightning Empress Armor
Lightning Empress Armor (雷帝の鎧 Raitei no Yoroi): This armor is golden and light bluish in color.The breastplate is decorated by golden trimmings, and has thin plates going up to surround Erza’s neck. When using this armor, Erza’s head gets adorned by a band with two ribbons on it, and her hair gets styled in a long braid. Also, the armor’s weapon is a long spear, with a very large blade and a decorated circle resembling a shield attaching it to the shaft, which is adorned by a large ribbon.

  • Lighting Resistance: This is an armor that lowers the attack damage of all lightning attacks aimed at the wearer. It was enough to withstand an attack by Laxus Dreyar, a skilled user of Lightning Magic, without Erza receiving any injuries herself.

  • Lightning Magic: This armor grants Erza the ability to attack her foes with lightning. 

  • Lightning Beam: Erza fires a blue beam of lightning towards her opponent from the tip of the armor’s spear.

  • Multiple Lightning Beams: Similar to Lightning Beam, but with several attacks being fired at the same time from the Magic Seal formed on the spear’s tip.

Normal Fight Robes
Normal Fight Robes : This armor has no special powers or properties, it simply consist of of pants with flames on them and a sarashi (bandages) over her chest along with two long Katanas.

Morning Star Armor
Morning Star Armor (明星の鎧 Myōjō no Yoroi): This armor, which seems to be mainly composed of a leather-like material, sports many feather-shaped decorations, including the short cape, the pauldrons protruding from under it, and the cloth circling Erza’s waist, held up by a simple belt on the front. She dons a one piece suit revealing her legs, whose upper part is covered by fishnet leggings, and with high-heeled armored greaves with large knee guards covering her calves. Her arms are heavily armored as well. In this outfit, Erza’s hair is styled in tangled buns on top of her head, and she’s armed with a pair of simple swords with cross-shaped handguards, getting larger near the edges, and blades which seem to lack the standard cutting edges.

  • Photon Slicer (光子の剣 Kōshi no Ken): By pointing the twin swords towards her opponent, Erza is capable of releasing a large blast from them.

Adamantine Armor
Adamantine Armor (金剛の鎧 Kongō no Yoroi): The Adamantine Armor is a large, blue and navy colored armor. The breastplate is composed of different plates joined together, with four, prominent tube-like ornaments on the front, right above her breasts, below the high armored collar. The shoulder pads are very large and sport prominent plates shaped like spikes, protruding from a far darker part which composes the base of the structure. The armor is completed by a helmet which covers the top and the sides of Erza’s face, leaving the back part of her head exposed, and sporting prominent spikes jutting outwards.

  • Immense Defense: This armor is the ultimate, high-level defensive stance. While wearing it, Erza is able to withstand the Magic beam fired by the Phantom Lord's Jupiter Cannon, despite her receiving injuries and the armor breaking in the process.

  • Magic Barrier: The armor features two shields on the arms, which can be brought together to generate a large Magical barrier.

  • Flight: While wearing this armor, Erza gains the ability to fly for short distances.

Black Wing Armor
Black Wing Armor (黒羽の鎧 Kureha no Yoroi): This armor is black with silver trimming that has silver crosses is several places. It has a revealing silver-edged breastplate and plates flanking her hips that reach down to her waistguard. The waistguard leaves the front of Erza’s body exposed, with her groin being covered by a dark indument. She has large plates guarding her legs. She has two wings that have black metal "arms" acting as the wings' leading structure, but the parts used to fly are composed of a membrane-like material. Erza's hair is tied in a ponytail.

  • Flight: This armor seems to grant Erza the ability to fly around for short distances.

  • Increased Offense: This armor increases Erza's offensive capabilities, and she uses it in conjunction with any number of weapons to deal her enemy great damage.

  • Moon Glimpse (黒羽・月閃, Kureha : Gessen): Erza rushes past her target, slashing them in a cross pattern. This spell was first used in her battle against Hades.

Farewell Fairy Tail Armor
Farewell Fairy Tail Armor: It's breastplate is fairly plain, with the waistguard attached to it being similar to the one in Erza’s second Heart Kreuz Armor, composed of simply two hanging plates, paired with a ruffled cloth sprouting from under it over some chainmail; all of which surmount a long skirt, reaching down to Erza’s knees and covering the rather featureless greaves. The gauntlets, covering the entirety of her arms, are similarly unadorned, with only her pauldrons, composed of overlapping plates, having some decorations over the upper plates, taking the form of wings. On the other hand, the long spear which comes with the armor sports intricate decorations on the shaft and the massive head, together with a flag bearing Fairy Tail’s symbol, plus what looks like a laurel wreath, tied to it by two slim ribbons. The anime design of this armor differs from the manga. Erza was seen donning this armor in order to bid farewell to her friends from the Tower of Heaven before their departure.

Armadura Fairy
Armadura Fairy (妖精の鎧 Yōsei no Yoroi): The strongest armor as declared by her counterpart Erza Knightwalker. This armor has the name of her guild to symbolize her pride of being a member of Fairy Tail. It’s a pink armor with a simple breastplate joined to the collar. The armor has many wing shaped decorations. The armor’s weapons of choice are a pair of identical swords, sporting large and decorated handguards reminiscent each of a pair of wings, and with the blades protruding near the hilts to house additional decorative motifs.

  • Fairy Piercing Sword: Erza charges her swords with energy and hits the target with a powerful lunge. This attack was strong enough to break Knightwalker's strongest spear, Ravelt, shattering an entire island in the process. (Unnamed).

Sea Empress Armor
Sea Empress Armor (海王の鎧 Kaiō no Yoroi): This armor is green in color with bluish parts. The breastplate, which barely covers Erza’s breast, leaving her belly and her back visible, somehow resembles seaweed, and has some thin chains hanging from it over Erza’s exposed parts, with a pair siding her breasts and another the belly; a fifth chain is visible around her neck, which is guarded by the large collar. The armor is completed by a headgear, with a large metal part covering her forehead, bearing a whirl-shaped wave on it, and large fin-shaped protrusions siding her head. The armor comes equipped with a long sword which seems to be made of crystal, with many small crystals jutting out in every direction from the handguard.

  • Water Resistance: According to Lisanna, this armor nullifies water attacks. It has been shown to be able to withstand Juvia's water attacks.

  • Water Magic: This armor allows Erza to charge her sword with water and release powerful whirlpools aganist her opponent.

  • Water Slash: While in the Sea Empress Armor, the user charges the blade of the sword with water and then attacks the target with water.

Purgatory Armor
Purgatory Armor (煉獄の鎧 Rengoku no Yoroi): The Purgatory is a black armor that is covered in spikes. When using this armor, Erza’s hair becomes styled in very prominent spikes pointing outwards in every direction, with her right eye being covered by it and a devilish shadow obscuring the upper part of her face. This is one of Erza's most powerful armors, before her fight with Ikaruga she claimed that "None had seen the armor and lived to tell the tale." Its true power is not seen, however, as it was destroyed almost instantly by Ikaruga.

The Giant's Armor
The Giant's Armor (巨人の鎧 Kyojin no Yoroi): This is a large, furry, golden colored armor with that sports a large cross on the breastplate. The armor is completed by a headgear with the appearance of a pair of large metal ears. The armor works great in combination with the Evil Crushing Spear, a long and elaborated polearm sporting a cross just like the one on the armor.

  • Enhanced Strength: This armor increases Erza's strength in the form of her throwing power. It was first used when Erza threw her spear at the "moon" above Galuna Island. 
Flame Empress Armor
Flame Empress Armor (炎帝の鎧 Entei no Yoroi): This armor is dark red predominantly, but also sports orange and black parts, with the first ones being shaped like flames and the second resembling dragon’s limbs. It’s basically made up of three different parts: the revealing breastplate with dragon like wings attached to it, the orange gauntlets and the dragon claw shaped greaves. Erza’s hair is tied into a pair of high, long pigtails.

  • Flame Resistance: This armor lowers the destructive power of flame attacks by 50%, and it is strong enough to protect Erza against the effects of Ikaruga's Garuda Flame.

  • Fire Magic: This armor grants Erza the ability to shoot fire.

  • Flame Slash: While in the Flame Empress Armor, Erza collects flames around the sword and then attacks attacks the target.

 Flight Armor
Flight Armor (飛翔の鎧 Hishō no Yoroi): This armor has features very few armored parts. It is cheetah printed, and the outfit has a large collar around Erza’s neck and a tail hanging from the back of her shorts, both made of bushy fur, plus a pair of large cheetah’s ears adorning both sides of Erza’s head. When wearing this armor, Erza is equipped with a pair of short swords with elaborate handguards similar to a rapier's, shaped like rose's thorns.

  • Immense Speed: This armor increases Erza's speed dramatically, to the point where she could match Erza Knightwalker's speed while the latter was using Silfarion. She was also able to keep up with Racer despite being under the effects of his Slowing Magic.

Robe of Yūen
Robe of Yūen (悠遠の衣 Yūen no Koromo): This armor is like a purple, revealing kimono. It consists of a short sleeveless tunic decorated by many flower motifs, with a revealing cleavage and revealing opening on the sides, exposing much of Erza’s chest, held closed by both a large, dark obi, which has a thin red rope tied around it and sports a wide closing ribbon on the back, and by a lighter, smaller white belt, which are both wrapped around a pink, flower-patterned cloth circling Erza’s waist on the back and the sides.

  •  Elastic Properties: This armor is elasticated, something which prevented Midnight’s Reflector Magic from securely binging Erza or strangling her using it.

Heaven's Wheel Armor
Heaven's Wheel Armor (天輪の鎧 Tenrin no Yoroi): Plated armor covers her chest, with a large metal flower over it, and she wears a large billowing skirt that has metal plating in the upper area. Her stomach and neck are uncovered, and she has large metal wings that appear to be made of individual blades, as well as a wing-like headpiece

  • Flight: While wearing this armor, Erza seemingly gains the ability to fly for short distances.
  • Sword Requipping: Erza is able to summon a large amount of swords (roughly more than 200), and launch weapons at her opponent(s) in a variety of differrent ways. The armor is meant to be used for facing multiple opponents.

  • Blumenblatt (天輪・繚乱の剣 Tenrin: Ryōran no Ken, lit. Heavens Wheel: Profusion of Swords): Erza will requip a mass amount of swords, and then charge at her opponent and slice him or her with two of her swords. Then she will fly past her enemy and send the swords she requipped into the enemy at the same time.

  • Circle Sword (天輪・丸連ソード, Tenrin: Sākururen Sōdo): Erza requips swords and has them circle around her by utilizing the commnad, "Dance, My Blades". The swords then begin spinning rapidly around Erza and she sends them flying towards her opponent(s) in a disc formation at first and upon impact the swords seperate and fly in different directions dealing great damage.
  • Trinity Shot (三位弾, Saimitama): While in her Heavens Wheel Armor, Erza slashes the opponent in a delta formation.
  • Pentagram Sword (五芒星の剣 ペンタグラムソード, Pentaguramu Sōdo):While using the Heaven's Wheel Armor, the user slashes the swords in the shape of a pentagram to attack the target.

  • Master Swordsmanship - Erza's offense mainly comes from her advanced swordplay which allows her to effectively carry and use her weapons. She can even use her swords using her feet.

  • Enhanced Speed - Erza, even when fully armored holding large weapons, can swing her swords fast and move very quickly.

  • Enhanced Strength - Erza is very strong, able to lift objects much heavier than herself. And even though she primarily excels in swordsmanship she is also skilled in hand-to-hand combat.

  • Telekinesis - Erza is seen using telekinesis when using her Heaven Wheel Armor, it's not clear if she has telekinetic ability while not wearing that armor.

  • Artificial Eye - Erza lost her right eye in The Tower of Heaven when she was suspected of executing an escape plan for its slaves. After joining Fairy Tail, Makarov took her to Porlyusica who gave her an artificial eye. It was unaffected by magic which gave her an advantage in many battles. During the Fighting Festival, Evergreen's stone spell was easily broken and was ineffective in their fight. Also, her right eye helped her see through Midnight's created illusion.


    Erza's primary magic ability is called "Requip". This allows her to store weapons or armor in a pocket dimension with which she can switch any of her weapons for the other at any time. She is also able to equip armor to her body and create different armor with different abilities. Erza says she has over 100 types of armor.

Juvia Lockser

Juvia Lockser
Original a member of the Phantom Lord Guild group Element 4. She later joined the Fairy Tail guild due to developing a crush on Gray Fullbuster.


Juvia made up 1/4th of the Phantom Lord's elite group, Element 4. She was sent by the guild master Jose, along with Sol, to go and capture Lucy and bring her back to him safely. Her magic seems to deal with water as she is able to control rain and other large bodies of water. In addition, her body seems to be formed from the rain that surrounds her, leaving her intact and able to reform herself after attacks. Her nickname is also Juvia of the Sea, which correlates with her water controlling magic. When angry she can also control hot water. Juvia also often refers to herself in the 3rd person. Juvia has developed a crush on Gray, and due to a misunderstanding, views Lucy as her rival in love. After being defeated by Gray, the rain above her finally clears up which she thought was beautiful.

After the fight, her deep infatuation with Gray continues, secretly following him wherever he goes. In the current arc, she mentions to Gray that she is now an independent mage once more, but Gray notes that she has probably has her eyes set on Fairy Tail. She is quite willing to do anything for him.

She is the only member of the Element 4 to be shown after the Phantom Guild arc. The Spanish word "lluvia", which is pronounced like her name, means rain.

Tower of Heaven Arc

After their fight, Juvia, still infatuated with Gray, continues to follow him wherever he went, even at a resort where he, Natsu, Erza, Lucy and Happy were enjoying their mini vacation. While at the casino, she approaches Gray and explains that she wishes to join Fairy Tail but their conversation is cut short when Simon shows up and attacks them. Juvia manages to protect Gray by hiding him in her body (water form) and agrees to accompany Team Natsu to rescue Erza.  While at the Tower of Heaven, everyone splits up, with Juvia and Lucy teaming up to help stop Jellal. En route to the top, they are confronted by Vidaldus of Trinity Raven who enslaves Juvia against her will, using his Rock of Succubus magic, and forces her to attack Lucy.  But Juvia's consciousness manages to reach Lucy and she tells her that she doesn't want to hurt her. Lucy stands up for her and the two cast Union Raid, an extremely rare magic, defeating their opponent. In the end, Juvia is invited to the guild and becomes an official member.

S-Class Trial Arc
Powers & Abilities

Juvia specializes in water magic which enables her to liquefy her body and reform it after taking damage. Her magic is also amplified when she is in an emotional state (i.e. extreme sadness or anger).

1. Water Bubbles - Juvia can create water bubbles filled with oxygen to allow a person to breathe underwater.

2. Water Cane  - Juvia can create a cane made of water to strike her opponent.

3. Water Dome - Juvia created a water dome used to camouflage Team Natsu en route to the Tower of Heaven (Anime only).

4. Water Lock - Juvia can create a large ball of water to attack or trap her opponent causing them to drown.

5. Water Slicer - Juvia can release blades of water from her body to slash her opponents. This attack is known to slice even through rock.

6. Water Jigsaw - Juvia can transform parts of her body into a swirling mass of Water Slicers that can slice her opponents like a saw.

7. Water Nebula - Juvia creates a double helix column of water that strikes her opponents and knocks him or her upwards. 

8. Sierra - In a state of rage, Juvia's water begins to boil which she uses to attack and burn her opponents. It can become so hot that not even Gray could freeze it at first.

  •  Unison Raid: She possesses the ability to perform this powerful spell that allows two mages to fuse their magic together. She performed it with Lucy after the latter summoned Aquarius, allowing them to perform a powerful charging attack. She also performed it with Gray in the anime adaptation, causing pillars of water to rise into the air, which freeze and send needles of ice raining down on their opponents.
  •  Conjuring Rain: Ever since her younger years, Juvia has had the ability to conjure rain, although she has no control over it, and it seems to be somewhat dictated by her emotional state.
  •  Breathing Underwater: Juvia has the ability to breathe underwater as seen during the infiltration of the Tower of Heaven with Natsu, Gray and Lucy.