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Gray Fullbuster Character Fairy Tale Anime

Gray Fullbuster


Gray Fullbuster is a member one of the most prominent guilds in Kingdom of Fiore, Fairy Tail. Gray is counted as one of the strongest members of his guild, powerful enough to be chosen for a candidate to take part in a Trial to become S-Class mage.<ref>Fairy Tail Manga:Chapter 201,page 16 </ref>.

Gray, along with Natsu Dragneel, Happy, Lucy Heartfilia and Erza Scarlet, are forming a team, usually called "Team Natsu", which is (due to the strength of its members and also its members' actions) often referred to as the "The Strongest". Gray, along with Natsu Dragneel, Happy, Lucy Heartfilia and Erza Scarlet, are forming a team, usually called "Team Natsu", which is (due to the strength of its members and also its members' actions) often referred to as the "The Strongest".

Gray's most prominent feature is his spiky black-colored hair. He has black eye color, his eyes instead being solely the color of his black pupils, and his body is toned and muscular.
After the Galuna Island mission, he gets a scar on his forehead above his left eye that is only partially covered by his hair.
His member stamp is below his collarbone on his right pectoral muscle, dark blue in color.
Unlike almost all other characters, Gray does not consistently wear the same type of clothes (that is, when he is wearing some), though is often shown wearing some kind of white coat.
Still, his most constant part of clothing is his necklace, which looks like a sword with a stone in it (this is similar to the Rave Stone in Rave Master) and a metal bracelet and similar chain attached to his pants.

PersonalityEdit Personality section

Gray has a laid back personality, but he will often get serious when the time calls for it. He and Natsu have a friendly rivalry, and while they can often be seen fighting one another verbally or physically, they are actually concerned about each other. Lucy believes that they constantly bicker because of the opposing elements that they use in magic. Gray was quite obstinate and reckless when he was younger. Overtime, he has attained a more cautious attitude towards life and deals with problems carefully. He is really concerned about his comrades and is truly loyal towards the guild. Gray tends to trash talk every now and then, and often has the last sentence at the end of every chapter in the manga. Also, he has a disturbing habit of unconsciously removing his clothes at inappropriate moments.


Much of Gray's history is revealed during the Galuna Island arc. Gray was from a village up in the North but the entire village was destroyed by the demon, Deliora and Gray's parents were killed in the incident as well.<ref> Fairy Tail Manga:Chapter 36,page 19 </ref> Lyon and Ur , a powerful ice mage who Jellal claims could have been one of the Ten Wizard Saints, found Gray alive among the ruins of the destroyed village in the North. Ur took Gray in as her second student and taught him and Lyon Ice Make. Gray accepted the training in order to eventually avenge his deceased parents by killing Deliora.<ref> Fairy Tail Manga:Chapter 37,page 2 </ref> Gray also inherited the unusual habit of stripping unconsiously from Ur.
However, due to Gray's obstinacy, he chose to prematurely challenge Deliora, which lead to Ur's self-sacrifice of using the forbidden spell, Ice Shell in order to encase Deliora and protect Gray and Lyon.<ref> Fairy Tail Manga:Chapter 38,page 11 </ref> Gray seems to have inherited this similar selfless personality after the incident, which is shown during his two attempts of using Ice Shell to protect his own comrades.

RelationshipEdit Relationship section
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Surprisingly for a Team Natsu member, Gray is pretty normal and thus gets along well with most people in the guild. Unlike most of his teammates, where Erza is basically feared and Natsu is cautioned for his destructivness, Gray can walk around the guild and not have his guildmates worry about his presence.

SynopsisEdit Synopsis section

Macao arcEdit Macao arc section

Gray first appeared when Natsu and Happy brought Lucy Heartfilia to Fairy Tail. He was sitting in his shorts - he forgot to wear his clothes - and he immediately got into a fight with Natsu. He stopped when Makarov ordered them to do so and he got scolded by him about his accidental nudity during his missions.

Daybreak arcEdit Daybreak arc section

Gray didn't do much, but he saw that there was more to Natsu's latest mission and he quietly wished him luck, saying things were going to be interesting.

Lullaby arc

Gray was about to get into a fight with Natsu yet again but hearing about Erza Scarlet's return from Loke made them stop. Later, he was forced to go on a mission with Natsu and Erza, much to his chagrin, but he went anyway. During the mission, he showed Lucy his abilities as an Ice Mage. Lucy then believes that Gray's ice abilities and Natsu's fire abilities are what causes their quarrels; Erza starts to believe this as well.
When they arrive in a train station to fight the Eisenwald Guild, Erza forces him and Natsu to go after their leader Erigor. They soon split up and Gray runs into one of Eisenwald's elite members, Rayure. He then learns about the plan to kill all the guild masters at their meeting. Gray promptly freezes Rayure's face and possibly kills him. He informs Erza of this and then they go to find Kageyama so he can dispel Erigor's wind wall. But Kageyama is stabbed in the back before he can help them.
After Lucy summons her new Celestial Spirit, Virgo, Gray compliments Virgo for being cute and as they escape, Gray is the only one to notice that Virgo and Lucy's skirts are flying up due to the wind. As they chase after Natsu, with Kageyama, Gray gives him a speech about life and death but the atmosphere is ruined when Lucy yells at Gray to kill Kageyama after he harasses her.
When the Lullaby flute transforms into a giant demon, Gray teams up with Natsu and Erza to defeat it. To protect the other guild masters, he uses "Iced Shield," and is complemented on how fast he can create the shield. However, Natsu destroys the Guild Master Meeting Building in the process which causes Gray and Erza to make a run for it with the others.
When they return, Gray appears in Lucy's apartment, much to her chagrin, to remind her that Natsu and Erza are about to begin their fight. As he watched, he was shocked to hear that Erza was to be arrested for property damage by the Magic Council.

Galuna Island arcEdit Galuna Island arc section

Gray waited for Erza's verdict like everyone else, but he learned that it was all a hoax and he voiced his displeasure about that. Gray then fell prey, like everyone else, to Mystogan's sleep magic as he walked in. He then explained to Lucy about the S-Class mages within Fairy Tail. At first, Gray did not take part in the stolen S-class mission, but as Makarov mentioned that only Laxus Dreyar could bring Natsu back, he voiced that he couldn't let that go unchallenged and he went to get Natsu and Lucy. As he found them, Natsu knocked Gray out and dragged him aboard the boat tying him up in the process.
As the boat crashed, Gray decided to help the others on this mission so he went along with them to the village. After learning about their curse, he went exploring the following day with the others. As they entered a temple, he fell into a cave with them and saw Deliora, a monster from his past that his mentor Ur sealed away in the northern lands. He then explained about Iced Shell magic to the others and went to the top of the temple when a beam of purple light started to hit Deliora. Gray then found that his old partner, Lyon, was behind the unsealing of Deliora. He called Lyon out and began to fight him in an Ice Make duel but lost due to his guilt over Ur's death. After being found by Natsu, he apologized to him for mocking his dreams.
The next morning he awoke to find Erza had come to return them to the guild. However, he tried to tell her the severity of the situation but she stated that she didn't care. This caused Gray to insult Erza for making him sick, he then told her that he will save the people of the island whether Erza likes it or not. After his lecture, he stormed off to find Natsu but he is surprised to see that Erza had joined him.
Later, he has a rematch with Lyon and he then tells Lyon the truth about what happened to Ur and how she is in fact, the ice sealing Deliora. Lyon states he doesn't care and Gray goes to defeat Lyon instead of save him. He defeats Lyon with his better balanced ice spells. As Deliora is freed though, Gray contemplates using Ice Shell to sacrifice himself and seal Deliora again but Deliora dies due to being sealed before. Gray encourages Lyon to join a guild, where he will find more powerful mages than Ur. He then goes back to the village, where the spell on the demons is broken. 

Natsu Dragneel, Erza Scarlet, Happy, Lucy Heartfilia and Gray Fullbuster
Caster Magic User: Gray is a powerful mage, and an S-Class Candidate whose abilities are said to rival Natsu's. He was taught by the powerful Ice Mage Ur(known to well be as powerful as one of the ten saints), along with Lyon Bastia.
  • Ice Make: A form of maker magic that creates shapes or objects out of ice. In Gray's case, he uses Static ice magic<ref> Fairy Tail Manga:Chapter 30,page 5 </ref>, meaning he can shape his ice into weapons or attacks. Gray is incredibly skilled at this, as he was commended by the Magic Council for creating objects quickly and effortlessly during the battle with Zeref's demon. Gray's skill in Ice Make is skillful enough to completely freeze Juvia when she was in a state of boiling water<ref>Fairy Tail Manga:Chapter 57,page 8 </ref>, as well as freezing an object faster than Sugarboy's Rosa Espada could soften it<ref>Fairy Tail Manga:Chapter 185,page 15</ref>. After the fight with Sugarboy , Gray also demonstrated the ability to manufacture an exact replica of objects using his ice as the primary material, as seen when he produced a flawless copy of the Dragon Chain Cannon Key.<ref>Fairy Tail Manga:Chapter 185,page 19</ref> For the Fantasia Parade, Gray was able to create a large, beautiful, and intricately designed Ice Castle.
  • Ice Blade: Seven Slice Dance: After making a sword made of ice, Gray rapidly slashes his enemy seven times.
  • Unison Raid: Gray and Juvia also succeeded Unison Raid during their fight against Dragonoid. Both magic seals created one and they fused their magic together.When Juvia and Gray's magic were fused together there was water and ice shreds of needles (anime only).
Expert Hand to Hand Combatant: Gray has been shown some skill in hand to hand combat, as he managed to overwhelm Lyon when the latter angered him in battle. He also skilled swordsmanship with his ice-made sword, he can use special sword spell with that.

Enhanced Endurance: Gray also has shown tremendous endurance during battle. Gray managed to continue fighting after being attacked that utilized boiling water<ref> Fairy Tail Manga:Chapter 57,page 6-8 </ref>, he survived Fukurou's stolen fire attacks, and endured several dozen energy blasts from Bixlow's dolls before passing out. He also took the blasts from four lightning Lacrima from the Hall of Thunder despite just recovering from previous injuries.